I Let Instagram Pick My Outfit

Happy 2019! With this being the first post of the new year, I wanted to try out something completely new and leave the decisions in your hands instead of mine. So, I turned to my Instagram followers ( if you haven’t followed me yet what are you doing?!) to help pick out my outfit for the day.

The rules were simple: Using my Instagram Story, I gave my followers two choices for pants, shirt, and shoes to see what combination they would ultimately pick. In choosing the items, I tried to pick pieces that weren’t necessarily for one of the outfits, but could work with different options.

Round 1: Pants

For the pants portion of the outfit, I decided to give my followers the choice between two of my favorite new pants I’ve gotten in the past few months. The first choice was my brand new Stussy double knee carpenter pants that I’ve been wearing nonstop since purchasing. Choice #2 was my forest green cargo pants from J. Crew that I got on Black Friday. Much to my surprise, Instagram opted for the cargo pants for my outfit, I thought that since the carpenter pants were new to them they would go for them.


Round 2: Shirt

This round was the real wildcard zone for me. I hadn’t worn my ASOS striped sweater with either pair of pants and was curious to see if it got picked, would it really go with either. Instagram’s other option was my vintage “Girls Kick Ass!” shirt which is always a great conversation starter. My followers picked the more “out there” choice in the sweater and I was intrigued as to how it would pair with the cargo pants.


Round 3: Shoes

Since the rest of the options I was giving Instagram were more statement pieces, I opted for two simpler pairs of shoes for them to choose between. The first option were my Vans Old Skools in a tan/off-white color way. Option #2 was a pair of Dr. Marten’s in the Church Monkey style, a bit of combo between their 8 Eye and 3 Eye classic styles. Instagram went with my classic Vans and the outfit was now complete, time to wear it!


The Outfit!

Processed with VSCO with e7 preset

With the decisions made, I set out on my day filled with plenty of good food, cold weather (it is Minnesota after all), and an underground farmer’s market. I think overall Instagram did a great job with picking my outfit. I had worn my cargo pants with the Vans before and knew that they would go together. Much to my surprise, the more vibrant colors and pattern of the sweater complimented the darker hue of the pants very well. Along with that, the sweater was perfect for a chilly Minnesota winter day. The outfit was very successful and got several compliments throughout the day from both friends and family, so its seems like Instagram did a solid job.

Processed with VSCO with e7 preset

Hope you enjoyed this new kind of post from me and thanks to my Instagram followers for helping me out! Don’t forget to stay up-to-date with me on Instagram and show me your best outfit using #connexionstyle.

Until next time!

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