Ariana Grande Inspired DIY Holiday Sweater

Since it’s been awhile since my last DIY and the holiday season being upon us, I thought it was only right to put the two together into a classic holiday sweater. Instead of going down the route of an “ugly Christmas sweater,” I thought to switch up we’d make it a hoodie. And if you’ve been near the internet at all in the past year, then you know that Ariana Grande has been EVERYWHERE. So, I decided to take inspiration from her new song “thank u, next” and pair that with Santa’s half eaten plate of cookies before moving onto the next house with presents. Check out the rest of the DIY below!


  • A sweater of choice (I got my at Target!)
  • Various colors of felt to create the milk, plate, and cookies
  • Several fabric paints to help decorate the cookies
  • Fabric glue, making sure the brand you purchase works with felt
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Something round to be used for tracing

How to do it

  1. Make your shapes! Using your round object, trace a circle on your plate color felt and cut out. Repeat process for cookie, milk, and note shapes and using stencils where need be. For the cookies, cut out bits of them to make it look like Santa took a bite out of them.

2. Let’s get decorating! My local craft store was a bit run over and so I had limited felt colors to choose from so I needed to paint my cookies in order to achieve the right color. Decorate the cookies however you want, get creative! For the note and glass of milk, I chose to use some clear drying glitter paint to give them a bit of shine, but this is totally optional. For the note, I decorated the corners with little Christmas trees and wrote the Ariana-inspired note “thank u, next” and signed it from Santa.

Using the fabric glue, attach cookies to plate, pressing down firmly to ensure they adhere. Wait about 20 minutes for the glue on the cookies to dry before moving on. From there, glue the plate of cookies and milk roughly in the center of your hoodie. Then glue the note from Santa onto the corner of the plate as if he had left it there for the kids to find in the morning.

Allow glue to dry for 2 to 6 hours and wait over 72 hours before washing.

And there you go! A simple-as-that Ariana Grande inspired holiday hoodie! I’m so excited to wear this out and about during the holiday season so that people know my love of Christmas and Ariana. Feel free to take this idea and run with it, combining your favorite pop culture moments of 2018 with the holidays. 

Show me your best holiday sweater on Instagram using #connexionstyle.

Until next time and happy holidays!

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