The Cargo Pants Comeback

What comes to mind when you think of cargo pants? Dad style? What you wore in middle school? Well, cargo pants are back and more stylish than ever and I’m here to show you how. 

The new version of cargo pants were made for 2018: slimmer, more minimal, and finally cool. They’ve been rocked by street style influencers and celebrities alike and are now making their way to the retail space at J.Crew or Banana Republic.

2018 cargo pants are sure to give you a style upgrade for all of your holiday parties. Plus, they come in fabrics that are perfect for winter, keeping you warm and stylish. And because of their more tapered fit, they look great on all body types.

Cargo pants 2.0 can be styled in a multitude of ways, dress them up or dress them down. They look great with just a hoodie and sneakers, or with a button down and a jacket thrown on top. I chose to style mine with a pair of trusty boots, a navy G’Day Mate sweater (my own DIY), a Levi’s denim sherpa, and topped it all off with a navy printed bandana

Show me how you’re styling these new cargo pants by tagging me on Instagram and using #connexionstyle

Until next time!

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