Women’s Fashion Blogger Styles Me

Jane Kolar is a women’s fashion blogger whose unique style emphasizes high quality basics with trendy, feminine statement pieces for something all her own. Check her out on her blog, janeandlaura.com or on Instagram!

Outfit #1: Formalwear


JK: In all honesty, I was slightly limited by the men’s options for formal wear available in the store. However, the flannel I picked for him was one of the very first pieces in the store that caught my eye. I loved how none of the traditional “winter colors” were incorporated (i.e. dark greens, browns, dark red) yet the pinks and turquoise combined perfectly to make this shirt perfect for cooler temperatures. Additionally, I see the age-old flannel trend for men becoming dominated by symmetry, detracting from the ability to create new and unique patterns. This shirt uses asymmetry and color to turn heads without being too flashy. Because this flannel was so unique, I wanted Jackson in black pants and a black jacket to focus the attention on the shirt. I don’t usually see Jackson in such a dark colored outfit head to toe, but I thought it looked great on him.

JS: When I first saw the flannel, I didn’t quite know how to feel. I typically stick to simpler patterns and most of my statement pieces tend to be solid colors. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this on. The darker vibes of the look were perfectly suited for fall, and the patchwork flannel was a great way to spice up my typical flannel look. 

Outfit #2: Go-to Fall Look


JK: For me, fall is all about the jackets. It is the perfect time to show off a fun outer look before outerwear style is limited by practically in the cold winter months. I loved everything about this jacket and was thrilled to see it proudly displayed. Faux fur and texture have been my recent obsessions. Jackson is often seen sporting a stylish jean jacket or light windbreaker, but I wanted to take his jacket game up a level for this outfit. To make this the ultimate “go-to” five-minute look, I had him pair this jacket with his white tee and dark wash jeans. My favorite part about this was how good this color looked on him. I thought the light tan was just enough shades lighter than his hair color to work flawlessly.

JS: I mean what can I say…this coat is ridiculous and absurd in all the right ways. Not only was it an amazing statement piece, it was also wildly comfortable and could definitely stand up to those chillier fall days. I loved that Jane thought of a ‘5 minute outfit’ because sometimes before those 8 AM classes, I don’t want to think too long or hard about what I’m going to wear for the day. Definitely my favorite look that Jane picked out!

Outfit #3: Comfy Casual


JK: Urban was practically overflowing with hoodies for men. I grabbed a simple black one after spotting these side striped jeans nearby. Personally, I get nervous to wear light wash jeans too late into the fall season. However, with the red and black accents and solid black on top, nothing about this look felt inappropriate for fall. These jeans also reminded me of the DIY pair Jackson made a while back here that he rocked.

Just for fun, I also had him try on a t-shirt that I’ve actually been eyeing myself for a while. This Arthur throwback graphic t-shirt is sure to be a great conversation starter in class.


JS: If I’m being honest, these jeans were definitely a bit tighter than a pair I’d typically wear, but I do love that side stripe action on them (especially since Jane thought of my DIY pair!) The sweatshirt was a major win though, as it was nice and comfy and a great layering piece for fall. The bonus Arthur graphic t shirt was hilarious and would most definitely get conversation going out and about on campus!

Jane did an awesome job styling me, and there were definitely multiple items that I would go back and purchase for the fall. Want to see how I styled her? Go check it out here!


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