My Go-To Accessories for the Summer

With summer already half over (which I can’t even believe), I thought it only fitting to share some of my favorite accessories for the summer. Accessories can definitely make or break an outfit, and in the summer you want practical, stylish pieces that aren’t too cumbersome.

Go-To #1


It’s not quite summer until you have a go to pair of sunglasses, or sunnies if you’re feeling fun. Although tiny sunglasses having been having their moment, and you can see me rocking a pair here, I opted for another trendy more hexagonal/octagonal shape which is both current and classic. I picked this pair up from a shop called in Show Pony in Seattle and have been rocking them ever since. Find a similar pair here.

Go-To #2


Ok, hear me out. I know you’re thinking this is a glorified man purse, but that’s kind of because it is. Cross body bags, sling bags, fanny packs, and you name it what else have been all the rage amongst streetwear fans for the last couple of seasons. So, I decided to hop on the trend myself and get this Dickies cross body bag. Instead of going for something more bold, I opted for the simple navy so that I could pair it with a lot of outfits and not be as much of a statement piece. Similar here.

Go-To Honorable Mention

Although not pictured here, bandanas have been another one of my favorite summer accessories as of late. They are simple, classic, and can help elevate a super basic summer look. You can see me rocking one in my orange post!

So, if you’re still in need of some easy ways to step up your style game this summer, look no further than accessories. Try and look for items that are both classic and trendy so that they can be worn now and for years to come. Show me your favorite summer accessories on Instagram using #connexionstyle!

2 comments on “My Go-To Accessories for the Summer

  1. […] Because of the black and white patter on my shorts, they can be styled with a lot of different pieces. I chose to pair them with a vintage Sturgis Motorcycle Rally t shirt and my trusty combo of tube socks and black Converse high tops. Finish the look off with a pair of sunglasses and some simple jewelry and you’re all set. Alternatively, if you wanted to keep with the 90s vibes, trying wearing your statement shorts with a vintage sportswear brand tee (Tommy Hilfiger, FILA, etc) and a fanny pack or cross body bag (check mine out here). […]


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