My 2018 Color: Orange

In my shopping, both online and in-store, this year I have noticed that two of the colors that are beginning to grow in popularity are purple and orange. Part of this might be because of bold, 80s inspired styles that are coming back. However, orange is a great color to add to your wardrobe and I’m officially declaring it my color of 2018 (don’t expect an orange Instagram aesthetic like the yellow).

Orange, like yellow or purple, can be an intimidating color for some, however it can be worn in several different ways that lends the color to different comfort levels. Whether you want your outfit to scream ORANGE or go a bit more understated, here are my tips for wearing orange this year.



Orange makes a strong statement whenever you wear it, and leaning into its bold nature can lead to a great outfit. Menswear has more and more been moving towards maximalism and having an outfit with a lot going on is become the norm. Going bold with an orange sweater (like this one from Urban Outfitters) or potentially a pair of pants, you’re sure to make a stylish statement that people won’t forget soon.

Go classic


If there is ever a trend or color that you’re a bit weary of, then try it out first in a classic silhouette or pattern to make it seem a bit more tame or subtle. Here, I opted to wear a striped orange t shirt that goes perfectly with my light wash denim jean shorts from Jeans by Keely and my Western belt. Although orange is still the star of this outfit, because of the simple pattern and more classic outfit, it doesn’t seem to over-the-top or overdone.

Go accessorize


Say you’re not feeling going bold or classic, then maybe accessorizing is more your speed. This is a super simple way to inject a bit of orange (or whatever color you’re trying out) into your outfit. Plus, using accessories can often be a more cost effect way of trying out something new instead of committing to a brand new piece of clothing. I decided to accessorize with an orange bandana that I tied around my neck, giving off some old school camp vibes.

This year, and especially summer, keep your eyes peeled for all the orange fashion and don’t be afraid to give it a try yourself. Whichever route you take, bold, classic or accessorize, you’re bound to look stylish and impress. Show me you’re best use of orange this summer by tagging my on Instagram and using #connexionstyle.

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