Workwear Inspired Pieces for Spring

As spring is slowly overtaking winter, it is time to start thinking about transitional clothing options to wear for these in-between temperatures. One of my favorite transitional pieces is a workwear inspired over-shirt that acts as a lighter-than-your-winter-jacket jacket.

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Over-shirts are something I’ve been loving for awhile now, I purchased my first one last fall and now own three different ones. They are a super simple way to punch up any outfit without really trying to hard, which is something we all want as we are gearing up for summer temps. Just throw one on over a plain t shirt (like I did) with a pair of jeans and your good to go. Or, dress it up a bit more with a button down and some darker wash jeans for a more sophisticated spring look. Over-shirts come in so many different colors and textures now that you can really customize it to your closet. Here’s one from Asos and Pull&Bear that I absolutely love!

Another reason I love over-shirts is because of their retro/vintage type feel. Over the past year or so, vintage and retro style (especially 1950/60s) has been creeping more and more into my everyday looks. Over-shirts are just another example of that. If you look at any photos of young adults from those eras, or honestly some working class guy, you’re bound to see them wearing over-shirts. This retro vibe can give your outfit an extra edge and an almost timeless look that never goes out of style.

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The over-shirt that you can see me wearing here is another great example of transitional, spring style: COLOR! With the warming temperatures, wearing lots of bright colors really sets the tone for the coming summer. Spring is a great time to experiment with brighter colors, whether they be soft pastels or some brighter, more neon hues. Plus, if you are choosing to try out a new, bold color, then having it on a more classic style helps to keep the look more grounded and not too over-the-top.

I styled this specific overshirt, which you can find here, with some simpler pieces to give it that more classic inspired vibe. I opted for a plain white tee shirt, my light wash levi’s, and my western belt that was a part of my 2017 favorites. On top of that, I added one of my favorite purchases of late, which is a pair of 90s/early 2000s-esque sunglasses that wouldn’t be out of place in the movie “The Matrix.” Small sunglasses began gaining traction towards the end of last year, especially on the runways and celebrities alike, so this summer prepare to see them EVERYWHERE!

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So this spring, go out and try an overshirt, no matter if it’s new or vintage, plain or bold, just know that you’re going to rock it either way! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram and tag your overshirt style using #connexionstyle!

Once again, thank you to my friend, Jane, for these wonderful photos! Don’t forget to check out Jane’s own blog here.

Until next time!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. Does Renee receive your blog because she has been wearing overshirts for years but for a whole different reason.

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