2017 Style Favorites

With 2017 officially over, I thought it would be a great time to reflect on some of my favorite pieces of the past year.

A major trend in my style this year was going back to basics and really building a wardrobe with style staples. I let my shirts or jackets be the star of every outfit and kept the rest of the outfit simple. This is a great way to give yourself some variety in what you wear as it allows you to adapt to new trends with just changing a shirt or jacket. When you keep your pants, shoes, and accessories fairly simple and classic, you give yourself so many different outfit options because many of those pieces never go out of style.

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My first favorite of the 2017 was Levi’s denim. I am a huge fan of denim and can often be found wearing a Canadian tuxedo. Levi’s are built to last and get better with each and every wash. In my closet i have a pair of black Levi 513s that i turned into cutoffs and a light wash Levi 541s. Both pairs are great because they can really be worn with anything, as denim is essentially a neutral. I love to pair my black jeans with more of a skate-inspired or grungier top while I usually wear the light wash jeans with something that feels a bit more retro.

Another favorite of mine this past year was the color yellow, I mean I even wrote an entire blog post on it (check it out here)! The best part of yellow is the variety of shades that it comes in; you could be wearing a loud neon yellow one day and the next a more muted mustard. Not only does yellow come in so many varieties, it is also a conversation starter. Nearly every time I wore yellow this year I tended to get complimented on my outfit because yellow, in its nature, stands out from the crowd. However, if you don’t necessarily want all eyes on you and your yellow, it can also be snuck into accessories such as a simple beanie, bandana, or even some tinted sunglasses.

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Next up, this past year I absolutely loved my slip on checkerboard Vans. Vans in all shapes and sizes came back into style this year, despite the fact that their classic shape and design are really timeless. These checkerboards give any outfit a little bit more oomph and edge compared to just an all white or all black slip on. T treated these shoes almost like a neutral color even though they are off white and black. They were my go to shoe this past year, evidenced by the holes in the toes from wear and tear. Pair them with khakis, jeans, or sweatpants and your favorite tee or hoodie and you’re good to go.

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Another one of my obsessions this past year was vintage graphic tees. I got very much into thrift shopping this year and the hidden gems of many thrift stores is their selection of graphic tees. Often these shirts are a bit older, giving them a more lived in look and are usually softer than a brand new tee. Vintage graphic tees are a great addition to your wardrobe and can easily elevate your style without trying to hard. I love to pair these two shirts with either of my pairs of Levi’s and finish the look off with some classic tube socks and my checkerboard Vans.

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My final style favorite of 2017 was the resurgence of Western style belts. Not only were they very on trend this year for both men and women, but it added to my more classic, vintage style that I was wearing this year. You can find belts like these across the internet right now or even at a local thrift store. They’re a great style upgrade from a plain old belt, especially because you’ll want to show this one off. I usually style this belt with a pair of jeans and a tucked in shirt so that the belt gets to shine in the outfit and with the tucked in shirt it gives it an added old school flair.

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That does it for my style favorites of 2017! Overall, I went for a classic, vintage look and purchased a lot of style staple pieces for my closet so that I can build many different outfits around these pieces instead of being so heavily reliant on every single trend. Looking forward to the trends of 2018!

Show me your favorite 2017 pieces on Instagram by tagging me and using #connexionstyle.

Until next time!

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